Wills & Estate

UAE's law enforces legal and rightful transfer of assets and properties to legal heirs. The process sometimes gets difficult when a legal will has not been formed yet before the death of a family member. Without a legal will, bank account may be frozen, visas canceled, and the custody of the children becomes a question mark.

Aceptive's legal team of attorneys is well knowledgeable regarding such situations and are more than happy to educate our clients on the same along with helping them get through such situations.

Apart from such issues, our team of expert lawyers help you with will structuring and restructuring of wills, division of estates, handling the paperwork, etc. It helps you avoid potential disputes and provides you the legal security to ensure that your estate and wealth is passed on to your beneficiaries as laid out in the will.

Find specialist lawyers for Wills & Estates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Fujairah, and UAE.


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