Labour & Employment

Labour law in UAE handles a wide range of job-related matters like unpaid salaries, sick leave, employee records, safety standards, termination of employment, and end of service gratuity payments. With UAE emerging as one of the biggest financial hubs in the world, it is not uncommon for an organization or the people working under it, to face legal setbacks.

Aceptive's labour lawyers specialize in both defense and prosecution in cases regarding employment law in the UAE. Our team of Labour Lawyers in UAE are well versed with the UAE law and code of ethics to face and deal with such situations and our prime concern is to get our client out of such legal affairs by keeping every detail of the case strictly confidential.

Our team of labour lawyers in UAE completely understands the need for these areas to be protected as well as the damage it can cause to the employee and an employer on a long-term basis and take it upon ourselves to focus on getting our client out of such situations.

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