As a world-class city known for its extravagant lifestyle, high tech facilities, luxury shopping, commercial hub, and business-friendly environment, Dubai attracts a huge number of foreign nationals. The majority of the crowd being born outside Dubai, it has a more open immigration system in terms of both the ease of the immigration process and transparency of regulations.

In consideration of the foregoing, there are numerous laws and regulations put in place under various ministerial decrees and mandates. The various visas provided by the UAE, allow entry into the country for temporary periods, out of which a few of them are renewable.

In a country involving a huge amount of visitor traffic, illegal immigrants, people responsible for attempting to bring in others illegally, people who give misleading statements, overstays, etc are a very common feature. Such illegal activities in relation to immigration can lead to punishments and penalties such as deportation, fines, or even imprisonment.

Our experienced group of immigration lawyers in UAE have come across many such cases and are therefore acquainted with the best ways to deal with such cases.

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