Criminal Law

At Aceptive, we strive to assist our clients to find their way out through the criminal maze created by offenders. Our team of experts caters to the best interests of our clients and ensures security and confidentiality for them at all levels.

With decades of legal experience, the firm represents clients in Police Station, Public Prosecution, Court of First Instance, Court Of Appeal, Court of Cassation, and Federal Supreme Court. Be it crimes related to fraud, white-collar, homicide, or other, our team of lawyers has got you covered!

Our expertise in Criminal Law includes Fraud, Human Right Violation, Bounced Cheque, -Financial Crimes, Public Office Offense, Tax Evasion, Insolvency, Driving, Bank Loan, Credit Card Frauds, Conspiracy, Absconding, Insolvency, Forgery, Wrong use of Power, Cyber Crime, Domestic Violence, and others.

We are the leading criminal defense lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, RAK, UAQ and Fujairah.


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