Indian citizen seeking divorce in UAE

If you are a couple married in India seeking a divorce in UAE, you will require the assistance one of our skilled and experienced attorneys who possess all the relevant traits to finalize your divorce successfully. Our attorneys are what you’re looking for because they are familiar with Indian law and issues regarding land valuations in India, tracing money sent to India and serving individual living in India. In UAE, you should understand Indian laws such as the Hindu Marriage Act, Dowry Act and 498A cases. For couples married in India seeking a divorce in the UAE having an attorney who understands these laws is critical for skilled and qualified representation.

The first step is filing a petition for divorce in the Family Guidance Centre set up under the Personal Status Court. A divorce case is registered and a file opened in both the names of the couple. The couple have to submit their marriage certificate, passport and Emirates ID copies.

The benefits of seeking help from our law firm for a divorce in UAE, is that we use numerous private investigators to try and obtain personal service in India if needed. This is because we want to assist our Indian clients in obtaining access to a fair justice system to file for divorce. In divorce cases if one party wants child custody while the child resides in India with the other parent they need to obtain personal services. Starting the divorce process and child custody in the UAE will be greatly assisted if a person obtains personal service in India.