How to find the best lawyers in the UAE?

There is no dearth in licensed advocates and legal consultants in UAE, but how do you decide who to go with? Overcoming the initial hurdles is necessary and before deciding to pursue your case, set a budget. This will narrow down the lawyers in your price range. UAE Law Firms have lawyers who ensure all your rights are protected and your case will efficiently and successfully be represented in front of a judge and jury. Below are things to consider to reach-out to the best lawyers in UAE:

Legal qualifications of the law firms

It is important to differentiate between Legal Consultants vs. Advocates and Legal Consultants. Legal Consultant has limitations, they can offer legal advice, prepare documentation for license etc. However, for litigation or trial in court, you will need a properly licensed Advocate in UAE. Know if he has experience in your area of concern and if he will treat your case as a priority.

Regional expertise and Arabic speaking

All documents to be presented in the courts need to be translated to Arabic. So, its crucial for Advocates and Legal consultants to understand Arabic language to avoid any misinterpretation or translational error. Avoid falling for a referral from a friend, as it may not work for your kind of case. It may be perfect for his situation but not yours. Instead, look for a multilingual firm if you are an expatriate. Local Arabic Law firms which have a better understanding of your region’s legal system including both police department and courts give you an edge.

Good Leadership

When looking at the law firm, seek out the leaders, as they will be the ones defining the success and code of conduct of any law firm. If required, do a face to face-to-face interview, as that will help you decide the best lawyer for you. Find out beforehand, if the Lawyers and Advocates in the Law firm holds a good repute in the field, who might handle your case. An experienced and qualified mix of workforce always brings out the best results.

Representation in courts

You need a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in the court, for representation in the Court of Cassation. Make sure the law firm has lawyers meeting this criterion, in case you go for litigation. If you’re a business, see if they have the appropriate license by the Government of Legal Affairs Department.

Don’t give up on tracking the best lawyer in Dubai for your situation in days. It sometimes takes weeks but following the above steps will help you cover significant ground in your search.